911 was a hoax!

Shane Geiger sgeiger at ncee.net
Tue Nov 13 06:05:56 CET 2007


Since a friend of mine found in his WTC dust little iron-rich spheres
because I asked him to look for them, I have verification for myself
what RJ Lee Group already stated in their report:  These iron-rich
spheres are characteristic of the WTC dust.  This is evidence of
temperatures that were in excess of 2800F--temperatures for which the
NIST report has no explanation. 

In a nutshell:  The molten metal that NIST described until 2004 as
having come from the jet fuel fires and which in 2005 they claimed did
not exist--this molten metal is proof that the final report of September
2005 is incorrect.  (See the Kevin Ryan letter, linked to from my page
below for evidence that the official story changed over time.)

Some people who question the official story have real reason to do
so--based on physical evidence--as I outline on this Web page: 


I know the page is a little long, but if you have the attention span,
you can verify for yourself that the NIST report is incorrect.  The NIST
report does not even discuss WTC7, and they have not come forth with an
explanation for it or for the way in which the Twin Towers collapsed. 
(They merely describe the "initial collapse conditions" of the Twin
Towers--so even the name of their report is incorrect.)  Don't take my
word for this, verify this from the links I provide to the actual NIST

I know this is off-topic for these mailing lists, and I don't condone
spamming.  Furthermore, hat bullshit talk about "jew" this and "jew"
that makes me think this spammer is some kind of agent that is trying to
make everyone hate the 9/11 Truth movement.  Please stop that
immediately, and stop spamming these lists.

Incidentally, I also don't condone tirades based on myths.  Please
verify for yourself that some problems exist.

Shane Geiger
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