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Tue Nov 13 22:22:31 CET 2007

On Nov 14, 1:21 am, Paul McGuire <pt... at> wrote:
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> > Hi all, I'm new comer here
> Welcome to you!  Are you new to programming in Python as well, or just
> new to this newsgroup?
> If you are new to Python, you will find a wealth of "getting started"
> help at the Python web site,, including links to online
> books and tutorials.  There is also the Python tutor mailing list,
> catering specifically to new Python users - I don't know the link off-
> hand but you can find it as well at the python site.
> And as you look about the archives of previous posts to acquaint
> yourself with the type of discussions you'll find here, let me
> apologize on behalf of the group for the recent flurry of racist spam
> - it is the unfortunate but familiar story of a few people ruining a
> good thing for everybody else.
> Cheers,
> -- Paul

You're a great senior Paul! :)

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