Witch editor to use!

rm rmcorrespond at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 21:50:06 CET 2007

> > And if editor is bether choice witch one to use!
> The two main choices that meet the criteria above are Vim and Emacs.
> In my opinion, either is a good choice.

Both Vim and Emacs are hard to learn.  In other words, they will
require that you spend at least some time studying how they work and
practicing.  They have a learning curve that is much larger than using
something simple like NEdit, Gedit, KWrite, etc.  But, they are a lot
more powerful.  One thing that I think favors Vim over Emacs, is that
Vim seems to be installed by default on almost all Linux distros.  So,
if you learn Vim you will never (almost) be without an editor, even if
you just have access through a terminal.  So, I recommend that you do
learn at least the basics of Vim.  Just my 2 cents.

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