Transfer socket connection between programs

Paul Rubin http
Mon Nov 12 21:00:39 CET 2007

JamesHoward <James.w.Howard at> writes:
> Does anyone know any method to have one program, acting as a server
> transfer a socket connection to another program?  I looked into
> transferring the connection via xml rpc to no avail.  

You have to use an out of band communication mechanism.  On Linux this
is the SCM_RIGHTS ancillary message over Unix domain sockets.  There
are similar things for Solaris and Windows.  Unfortunately, Python
doesn't support any of them at the moment, but there's was once an RFE
waiting for a patch:

Actually I'm having trouble finding the RFE mentioned any more, but it
it looks like Heiko Wundram did a patch in a different item:

See also:

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