simple question on persisting variable values in a list

dgrissen at dgrissen at
Tue Nov 20 22:25:05 CET 2007


I am an unabashed noob.

I am trying to build a list to store values that are generated through
a loop.  However, every time I append the variable to the list, I'd
like to reset the variable, but have the value persist in the loop.  I
understand why this doesn't work because it's a reference not a
literal value but have been unsuccessful at using copy.copy() or
anything else to accomplish this:

for char in splitlines[r]:

            if char == "\n":
                temp = copy.deepcopy(templine)
                templine = ""
                templine += char


This just gives me the last element in splitlines[r] - what i want is
to persist each line that is parsed from splitlines[] into the results

Appreciate any help,,,

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