Bit Operations

Gianmaria Iaculo - NVENTA gianmaria at
Wed Nov 28 21:07:56 CET 2007

Hi there,
I'm so new to python (coming from .net so excuse me for the stupid question) 
and i'm tring to do a very simple thing,with bytes.

My problem is this:

i've a byte that naturally is composed from 2 nibbles hi&low, and two 
chars.. like A nd B. What i wonna do is to write A to the High nibble and B 
to the the lower nibble.
Or an other example can be i've 2 numbers.. like 7 and 8 and whant to do the 
same as for chars.

I'm really confused on how t do it, maybe cause python is type-less (dynamic 

Any Help?


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