Web update library in python?

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Tue Nov 20 10:48:59 CET 2007

Jorgen Bodde wrote:

> Hi all,
> I want to provide my users the ability to download a repository from
> the web, and after that check for updates. I thought of a mechanism
> that could do that, but since there is patch and diff readily
> available I wondered if there is a python solution that allows me to
> download a file, and let the patch be applied locally. In the patch
> there are binaries and sources I am not sure if patch can handle them
> both though.
> So here are the situations;
> Downloading
> 1. User enters URL and local path where to store
> 2. Updated downloads the file
> 3. Either creates a new repository or patches an existing one
> Check for updates
> 1. A web check is done if there is a newer version
> 2. File is downloaded, patch is applied
> Plain zip file extraction is possible, but I will miss out on files
> that might be deleted in future versions, but not yet on the client
> side. Also local changes might need to be preserved although it is not
> a show stopper if it doesn't.
> I want to have a solution that is very easy for the user, so point and
> click kind of work. Is there a tool / library around that can provide
> me a base for this problem?

Subversion. With it's python-libs of course.


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