What is python?????

James Stroud jstroud at mbi.ucla.edu
Mon Nov 19 12:26:28 CET 2007

rzed wrote:
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>> please tell me what is python.This group is so crowded.
> I see nobody has chosen to answer your question seriously. I'll 
> give you an answer, but it is probably not to the question you are 
> asking, either.
> Python is not one thing.
> Python is the name of a computer language, which you can determine 
> easily through Google or Wikipedia or other means. That's what 
> comp(uter).lang(uage).python is here for, nominally.
> Python is also a package of programs that implement the language 
> and create a Python runtime environment. The most common 
> implementation is of a virtual machine that runs Python bytecodes, 
> though other variations run Java or .NET bytecodes.
> And Python is also a set of packages that provide utilities and 
> features that allow users of the packages to do useful things on 
> their computers without unnecessary fuss and bother. Some of these 
> utilities come with a basic Python installation (code name: 
> "batteries included"), while others are available elsewhere, often 
> from the Python Package Index (codename: "cheese shop"), but from 
> other sources as well. 
> Some people conflate these meanings of "Python", which can lead to 
> confusion at times. Much of the crowdedness of the group has to do 
> with discussion related to the batteries-included features and to 
> the other packages written to run in the Python environment.
> Hope that helps.

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