urllib.unquote + unicode

koara koara at atlas.cz
Tue Nov 13 17:14:18 CET 2007

Hello all,

i am using urllib.unquote_plus to unquote a string. Sometimes i get a
strange string like for example "spolu%u017E%E1ci.cz" to unquote. Here
the problem is that some application decided to quote a non-ascii
character as %uxxxx directly, instead of using an encoding and quoting
byte per byte.

Python (2.4.1) simply returns "'spolu%u017E\xe1ci.cz", which is likely
not what the application meant.

My question is, is this %u quoting a standard (i.e., urllib is in the
wrong), is it not (i.e., the application is in the wrong and urllib
silently ignores the '%u0' - why?), and most importantly, is there a
simple workaround to get it working as expected?


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