Compile Cheetah Template on Windows

brianrpsgt1 brianlong at
Sat Nov 24 18:48:14 CET 2007

Newbie here....

I have been able to successful pull info from a MySQL DB, get the
results and output them in an HTML format using Cheetah to the screen
using IDLE.  I am doing this on a Windows Laptop, running WinXP,
Python 2.5 and the latest version of Cheetah.

I have two questions:
1. How and where do you compile Cheetah templates in Windows?  The
command in the docs is cheetah compile a, however, I believe that this
is for Linux.  This does nothing in a DOS Prompt.  Please provide the
info for this command in Windows.

2. How do I output the HTML to a file?  I tried the following:

FILE = open(filename, "wt")

I get an error though that states that writelines() requires an
interable argument

Thnx for any assistance!


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