A JEW hacker in California admits distributing malware that let him steal usernames and passwords for Paypal accounts.

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> >A Jew hacker in California admits distributing malware that let him
> > steal usernames and passwords for Paypal accounts.
> 83 Newspapers reported the "Hacker story" and not one mentioned the
> word Jew.
> Who but a madman would say what the hacker's religion was- IF he knew!
> Los Angeles hacker to plead guilty to infecting 250,000 computers to
> steal identities
> The Associated PressPublished: November 10, 2007
>   E-Mail Article
> LOS ANGELES: A computer security consultant accused of installing
> malicious software to create an army of up to 250,000 "zombie"
> computers so he could steal identities and access bank accounts will
> plead guilty to four federal charges.
> John Schiefer, 26, of Los Angeles, agreed Friday to plead guilty to
> accessing protected computers to conduct fraud; disclosing illegally
> intercepted electronic communications; wire fraud and bank fraud, the
> U.S. Attorney's office said.

Listen to Mr Benjamin Freedman's speech on google. He calls the
ASHKENAZI KHAZARS by the label "the so called jews". Jew is not a
religion anymore. The Khazars dont practice the Torah. According to
Neturei Karta, they are now only a race, a power group or zionists. We
will still use the word jew because it is pithy, but we mean by it
zionists as the Neturei Karta say or "the so called jews" as Mr
Benjamin Freedman says.

Having clarified that, it is quite clear that the MISCHIEFER, John
Schiefer, 26 of LOS ANGELES who pleaded guilty is a KHAZAR, ASHKENAZI.
That is his race and we bring it out only because according to the 911
truth research, the event was a controlled demolition. Explosives were
used and the whole ownership and security of the building was in the
hands of the non-islamics. Larry Silverstein is an ASHKENAZI KHAZAR

Professor Steven Jones has found the residue of thermate in the dust
of the buildings. KMnO4 residue, ie high amounts of SULFUR, potassium,
manganese, and the iron dust particles are SPHERICAL. Which means that
they saw a very high temperature above the melting point.

You can lie as much as you want. The physics and the circumstantial
evidence cannot hide your lie.

The anthrax mailer was NOT an Islamic.

Otherwise the FBI must produce the criminal with out ANY ambiguity.

Also, what about the 5 dancing ISRAELIS and the VAN WITH EXPLOSIVES on
the WASHINGTON BRIDGE. Show us the ARABS who were in the VAN. They
were Israelis trying to blow  up the George Washington Bridge, and put
the blame on ARABS.

The police caught these people. I have great respect for the POLICE
who do their jobs honestly.

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