Larry Bates larry.bates at
Sat Nov 3 00:19:03 CET 2007

Russ P. wrote:
> I've been programming in python for a few years using XEmacs on
> Solaris and Linux. I've been thinking about trying IDLE for a long
> time, but either it wasn't available on my system or I procrastinated.
> I finally have it available, and I gave it a try.
> I immediately encountered a basic problem for which I could not find a
> solution in the intro docs. I want to run a script in one directory
> that reads input from a file in another directory. Maybe I'm just not
> very smart, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Will someone
> please give me a clue?
> More generally, I don't see much discussion of IDLE on this newsgroup.
> Are many python programmers using it? I see that some of the intro and
> tutorial docs have not been updated for several years. Is IDLE still
> actively supported? Or would I be better off just going directly to a
> commercially supported IDE such as Wing? Thanks.

You can read a file from another directory either by specifying the entire path 
to the file or by using os.curdir() function to make it the current directory 
before opening/reading from it.

Lots of discussions on this have been posted try looking into history of this 
list.  Everything from vi to Eclipse to Wing.


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