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Sat Nov 10 06:33:32 CET 2007

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> On Nov 3, 10:11 pm, Simon Pickles <sipick... at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have recently moved from Windows XP to Ubuntu Gutsy.
> > I need a Python IDE and debugger, but have yet to find one as good as
> > Pyscripter for Windows. Can anyone recommend anything? What are you all
> > using?
> > Coming from a Visual Studio background, editing text files and using the
> > terminal to execute them offends my sensibilities :)
> > Thanks
> > Si
> -------------
> eclipse + pydev plugin will be a good choice.
> thanks

I had problems installing pydev because of mylin/mylar. These forums
had the same issue a few days ago, see

I was considering eclipse because I believe that eclipse gives good
refactoring support. [And a client wanted it!]
But then I found that eclipse uses pydev for python. And python uses
bicycle repair man -- which is what emacs uses for refactoring! So
might as well stay with emacs.

To substantiate what Bruno says:
The USP of python is that its an interpreter -- you can learn python
by playing around without an elaborate compile-link-test-edit cycle.
The USP of emacs (in this context) is its support for inferior
interpreters along with good editing support.
Hence the combo is quite hard to beat.

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