Variables and their domain

Jose Ignacio Gisbert jigisbert.etra-id at
Thu Nov 29 12:40:20 CET 2007

Hi all,


I have one doubt, in my applciation I have a method (Method1) which has
other method (Method2) inside of it. Ok, in my first method I define a
variable "lista" which is an array, an other one, "lb", which is a listbox
with some elements inserted from lista. Then, when I do a double click on a
lb element, I go to Method 2, where I can continue inserting elements in lb
and reading lista, but if I do "lista=..." I get an error of local variable
referenced.   The problem is that if I do lb and lista global variables, I
have to declare them outside any method, haven't I?. If someone could help
me I would be very pleased.









                                   Lista=e,f,g..   -->error!




Thanks in advance


Best Regars,



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