Is pyparsing really a recursive descent parser?

Kay Schluehr kay.schluehr at
Thu Nov 8 07:40:22 CET 2007

>     What do you mean by "disambiguate?"  Do you mean disambiguate the
> grammar?  One of the conditions of the problem is that you have no control
> over the grammar, so that's really not an option.  Also, an implicit
> condition of solving a problem is that the problem be... solved, so not
> accepting the input is not an option, either.

Could you please learn some parser theory 101 and then come back when
you have complaints about one or the other implemententation of a
particular Python parser? When some guy enters a forum with a "newbie
question" most of the time people are willing to give a fair and
comprehensive answer but they don't want to mess around with him
endlessly when he is not willing to learn and to listen.

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