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Tim Golden mail at
Fri Nov 9 15:36:45 CET 2007

kyosohma at wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get a small group of volunteers together to create
> Windows binaries for any Python extension developer that needs them,
> much like the package/extension builders who volunteer their time to
> create Linux RPMs.
> The main thing I need are people willing to test the binaries to make
> sure the extension is stable. This would require installing the binary
> and probably downloading the source too to get the developer's test
> code. I've been able to get some of the tests to run great while
> others are pretty finicky and some extensions don't come with tests.
> It would be nice to know which extensions are most in need of this
> too.
> While I can create the binaries on my own for a while, if I get too
> many requests, there will be a backlog, so it would be nice to have
> help with that too. I'm also looking for knowledgeable people to be
> sounding boards (i.e. give advice).
> Developers: all I would require is a request, a link to the source,
> and a well-written file for a cross-platform extension.
> You can find the few that I've already done here:http://
> I have also posted a way to create the binaries using the MinGW
> compiler. I have VS2003 installed on my PC and MinGW is installed in a
> VM, so I can compile the extensions both ways.

Mike, this is great news. Whenever I have time <laughs, but
means it sincerely> I'll try to run through some of the modules
you've compiled.

As a slight aside, the main problem I've found when I've tried
to build extensions (and I've been doing it recently with AVBin and
Pyglet) is that Windows just doesn't have the build environment, the
directory structures, the env vars and all that that a ./configure or
even a python install sometimes expects. eg if I were to
offer to build a MySQL extension (as someone who doesn't use MySQL
and wouldn't have the source libs installed if I did) there would
be a fair bit of pain to go through. You've obviously gone through
that pain barrier for at least some of the extensions on the modules
page. Was it tough?


(PS SendKeys link on this page is dead:

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