just a crazy question

Robert LaMarca robertmlamarca at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 15:16:17 CET 2007

Hi all.. 

Was planning to use Python (maybe C later) to mock parallel processing project.. About to put together a set of computers for this.. Wondered if anyone had any knowledge or ideas about using a playstation  running linux? 

My first impressions are that it is interesting.. for $400, one can get access to 6 smps under linux.. 

For about $300-$600 one could build basic x86 node..... probably between 2 and 4 cores on the x86 node, though the quads are still a bit pricey.

Upside of PS3... lotsa cores for less... Downside.. less, a lot less RAM.. Of course, the PS3 does not allow access to the graphics, but for my purposes, I don't mind that.. 

So.. how is Python for memory management?  ... 

My plan is to try measuring the memory usage of my python code elements and take a guess as to how it might perform on a cell-system.. . naturally a good idea in any event.. But.. Just thought maybe someone out in Python world would have an idea? 



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