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bruce bedouglas at
Mon Nov 12 19:58:43 CET 2007

hey dietz...

if you give me your email i'll correspond with you directly..
but yeah, you are a jerk. in that you make assumptions that may/may not be
correct, but you appear to have a holier than thou mentality...

i did download the setuptools tar file.... i read through the txt files that
came with it... i couldn't fing anything that stated exactly how to get the
easy_install app...

i'm fully aware of what the site states, as i read it. you ignorant slut
assume that i didn't.

in my mind, the docs on the installation could use a little more
clarification, especially for those who aren't quite sure of how python
might work, and so don't want to risk screwing up a system.

but, as far as the setuptools site goes, can you point to the section that
states, to install (setuptools/easy_install), you do x:
 -download this file
 -run this command...

 i found the files to download... i couldn't find the command to run, (at
least is wasn't apparent to me.)

so, anyway, thanks!


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bruce wrote:

> diez...
> i was being polite in thanking you for your input/thoughts... i actually
> had read what you'd posted, as i stated.

Really? Did you? Here your third question:

-3rd question.. in searching the 'net, it appears that i have to download
setuptools in order to get easy_install. Am I missing something here, or is
this correct?

And here something I posted yesterday:

setuptools is a package that installs & creates eggs. You find it
documented here:

It comes with a few commandline-scripts after installation, such as


So, can you explain me how "actually had read what you'd posted" goes
together with the above question that you asked after my post?

And just putting "easy_install setuptools" into the google search bar on my
browser yields this

as fourth or so link. Besides the fact that the link I gave you to the
setuptools features above link in the third paragraph.

So I think calling you ignorant for not reading what I posted and not
reading what pointers I gave you is well justified. If that makes _me_ a
jerk - I'm ok with that then.



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