Python too complex ?!?!?!

Toni Mueller support at
Fri Nov 23 19:03:09 CET 2007

davisn90210 at wrote:
> On Nov 17, 8:25 am, Donn Ingle < at> wrote:
>> If you are online and the app runs, it can check the "freshness" of your
>> modules (those called from the app and recursively) and offer to fetch the
>> latest stable versions.
> Something similar to Java's webstart?  Implement an __import__ hook
> that downloads and caches the latest (stable) versions of libraries as
> needed.

I'm not too involved yet, but I have this association with what you wrote:

I guess that this could be adapted/used in other cases as well, as

$ paster create --list-templates
Available templates:
   basic_namespace:    A project with a namespace package
   basic_package:      A basic setuptools-enabled package
   basic_zope:         A Zope project
   nested_namespace:   A project with two nested namespaces.
   paste_deploy:       A web application deployed through paste.deploy
   ...some more plone stuff here...

doesn't list only Zope&Plone stuff. But then I also don't know Java's 
webstart, so...


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