Using python as primary language

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Fri Nov 9 21:45:17 CET 2007

"Martin Vilcans" <martin at> wrote in message 
news:f782707a0711090754n5e2918adla2067057c469668b at
| But that's not what my question was about. It was about whether it
| would make sense to, on the same python installation, select between
| the GIL and fine-grained locks at startup. Because even if the locks
| slows down the interpreter, if they let you utilize a 32 core CPU, it
| may not be so bad anymore. Or am I missing something?

1. The need for some group to develop and maintain what anounts to a forked 
version of CPython.

2. If micro-locked Python ran, say, half as fast, then you can have a lot 
of IPC (interprocess communition) overhead and still be faster with 
multiple processes rather than multiple threads. 

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