Pythonic ORM with support for composite primary/foreign keys?

Marco Mariani marco at
Tue Nov 6 14:19:04 CET 2007

Wolfgang Keller wrote:

> so far it seems to me as if the only ORM module for Python which 
> supports composite primary/foreign keys was SQLAlchemy. Which looks a 
> little bit "overbloated" for my needs: I "just" need to be able to 
> define a "logical model" (à la UML) in Python and have the ORM connect 
> to a database (running on PostgreSQL in my case) which uses a 
> corresponding (pre-defined) "physical model" as its schema.

I think if your model is complex enough that you need composite foreign 
keys, the project might deserve SQLAlchemy.

Mapping a bunch of python classes to an efficient DBMS schema is not 
easy by any definition of "easy".

Google for "orm vietnam"... it might also be useful to read "The Art of 
SQL" even if you don't plan to write SQL by hand.

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