>>>> 911 operation by evil JEWS and Mossad <<<<

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911 carried out by evil jews and mossad

911 truckload of Explosives on the George Washington Bridge


Benjamin Freedman speech with Slide Show (40 Minute Excerpt)

Free pdf book: THE MANUFACTURE AND SALE of Saint Einstein

Author interviews @

Rothschilds control half the world's wealth directly and indirectly
using zionist proxies, and loyalty based on the zionist racist cult of
hate and paranoia based on being caught for collective financial
crimes and crimes of other categories

History of the Rothschilds part 1

History of the Rothschilds part 2

FBI, Where are the two Israelis with TRUCKLOAD of explosives at the
George Washington Bridge ?????
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfVumKHkcIA   <----- Shame stooopid

Alex Jones Interviews David Mayer de Rothschild

The rise of the Rothschild Money Masters

Rothschilds financed APARTHEID in South Africa. They corrupted Cecil
Rhodes, the son of an anglican minister, by TEACHING him evil
techniques of apartheid. Apartheid was taught to him by the father
zionists themselves.

Rothschilds control half the world's wealth directly and indirectly
using zionist proxies, and loyalty based on the zionist racist cult

Was Hitler's father a bastard son of Rothschilds? Did the Salomon
Mayer von Rothschild perhaps rape  Maria Anna Schicklgruber in dark so
that she could not ever claim with certainty who the real father was?
Look at his facial features, typical central asian khazar. What was
the cause of Hitler's fanatical hatred for the Jews ?

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> The world has been after Bill Gates for no reason. The richest group
> was and remains the Zionist jew Rothschilds family who own HALF the
> worlds total wealth through numerous frontmen zionists.

> Mikhail Khodorkovsky, whom Russian President Vladimir I Putin put in
> jail rose from the Rothschilds money. Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name to
> Rothschild or red shield. The he sent his sons to various countries in
> Europe and become bankers there. Using an innovative system of pigeons
> for communication and encoded letters, the family invested in wars
> that he knew were coming by staying close to the centers of powers in
> all the countries which they had infilterated.

> google video and youtube have many videos on the family. You can set
> aside part of your weekend for HEALTHY education so your
> kids can learn how to avoid being hunted by these snakes.

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