posting to a form with no form name

scripteaze at scripteaze at
Fri Nov 2 07:44:28 CET 2007

posting to a form with no form name or it's just that i cant find the
form name.
can anyone explain how to either post to a form with no name or, find
the name of the my current output, but i dont see a form
name, also, there is only 1 form on the page

<POST application/x-www-form-
  <SubmitControl(<None>=Secure Login) (readonly)>
  <HiddenControl( (readonly)>>

class Crawler(object):

    def __init__(self):
        self._br = Browser()
        self.html = ''
        self.url = ''
        self.loggedIn = False

    def login(self):
        cj = CookieJar()

        for form in self._br.forms():
            print form
            self._br.select_form(' ')   <----------- i cant seem to
find the form name
            self._br['username'] = 'myid
            self._br['password'] = 'mypass'

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