python at command prompt

Ton van Vliet at green.meadow
Tue Nov 6 08:15:34 CET 2007

On Tue, 06 Nov 2007 04:20:17 GMT, Tim Roberts <timr at> wrote:

>>There are executables (.exe) that have a 'registering' option builtin,
>>and need to be registered to have their capabilities made available
>>using the /regserver switch (possibly related to OLE/COM services, but
>>I'm not an expert here ;-)
>Yes, that's strictly for COM.  

Thanks for the confirmation.

>And the "App Paths" registry key you mentioned is only for Explorer
>things, like the Start menu's "Run" box.  It doesn't apply to the 
>command line.  Try typing "wordpad" in a cmd shell, then try it 
>in Start -> Run.

Which, as I learned now, can be 'simulated' by  typing 'start wordpad'
at the command line (I wasn't aware of that before)

Let's hope the OP got his problem solved ;-)


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