Using python as primary language

Michel Albert exhuma at
Thu Nov 8 08:52:34 CET 2007

In our company we are looking for one language to be used as default
language. So far Python looks like a good choice (slacking behind
Java). A few requirements that the language should be able cope with

* Database access to Sybase.
  This seems to be available for python, but the windows-binaries for
the library
  are not available. Self-Compiling them proved to be non-trivial (As
  on windows).
* Easy GUI creation.
  Solved using PyQt.
* Cross Platform (Linux + Windows).
  Again, PyQt, solves this
* Easy deployment.
  Solved using py2exe + innosetup
* Charting (Histograms, Line charts, bar charts, pie charts, ...)
  I am currently looking into PyQwt, which looks promising.
* Report generation with GUI support
  reportlab + rml?

So far, nearly all point seems to be manageable. But I was not yet
able to find a solution for the report generation. What we would like
to have is a sort of GUI interface to prepare the reports without
having to "code" the positioning. I found reportlab, and it looks like
it can do all that is needed in terms of output. But you still have to
code the report. And this is a no go. In context, I found RML and saw
links to graphical RML editors. But I have not yet found a concrete
example code, or documentation. What am I missing? Is RML a reportlab
creation or is it a recognised open standard? If not, is there an open
standard, that is easily to process with python?

Any pointers? I would prefer coding Python to coding Java or
worse..... VB ;) which is another contender in our roundup.

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