How to output newline or carriage return with optparse

Tim Chase python.list at
Thu Nov 8 17:46:49 CET 2007

> I'm trying to implement some simple command line options.
> Some of the 'help' sections are long and I would like to
> control line breaks.  How do you do this?

I had this problem earlier and solved it here:

thanks to a little guidance from Ben Finney on where to look.

It came up again last month here:

which should solve the problem for you.

ASIDE:  I've started refactoring this bit out in my local would I go about contributing it back to the Python 
code-base?  I didn't get any feedback from posting to the Optik 
site.  My refactor basically takes an optional pre-processing 
function to parse your string into the output that gets passed to 
textwrap.wrap() and textwrap.fill(), defaulting to the old 
behavior, but offering a function for splitting it into 
paragraphs based on newlines.


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