google earth / pythoncom

John Walsh john.walsh at
Thu Nov 15 19:09:49 CET 2007


I'd like to write a python script to control Google Earth,
and I've read that Google Earth provides a COM api, and that
Python has a COM module 'pythoncom'.

Anyone know where to get pythoncom from - as a separate module,
because I'm using the Python application that comes with my GPS
chip, from Telit :-

NB. this (I'm told) is a reduced version of Python that allows
me to run 'EZPython' scripts on the GPS chip.

The Python script I want to run to control Google Earth will be
on the PC (WinXP) - so maybe I should install the 'normal/full'
Python on the PC too - if that can be done ? Have 2 Pythons installed
on one PC ?

Any advice welcome.


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