Tkinter, wxPython, PyGtk, or PyQt...

John Jameson jjameson at
Thu Nov 29 02:34:44 CET 2007

hi carl,

I'm totally new with graphics for python. I'm using windows, but you 
make it sound like I need to know how to program with MFC to use them?
Is this true? Can't you just stay in python?

I would like like to start doing some GUI-programming in Python, but don't
know which library to choose.

Tkinter seems a bit old. Correct me if I am wrong! The layout doesn't look
as nice as for the others.

wxPython seems to be the first-hand choice for people doing W32-programming
(with MFC-experience). 

PyGtk seems to be a modern, very clean and nice approach, but with poor
W32-support. Is PyGtk a mature library with respect to version stability
and documentation.

PyQt is a huge library (thanks to Qt), but not free on W32, or?
Is there any possibility that any of the above-mentioned libraries will be
included as a standard library in any of the near-future Python

I myself program on W32 at work, but use Linux at home. So, which one should
I start with in order to reduce the effort of learning something new and to
be productive in the shortest time possible?

By the way, how do I most easily include plotting capabilities to my


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