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dear "just bob",

On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 11:43 -0800, just bob wrote:
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> > Your SPAM appears to be non-existent. Vapourware. Not real.
> >
> > Shame, I fancied a Spam fritter.
> >
> The guy gets Google dollars when people view the site or click on links, me 
> thinks. It's spam. 

please read the rfc4871 if you want to attack ;;


"I'll give you some more straight talk. After the Don died, Mike was set up
to be killed. Do you know who set him up? Tessio. So Tessio had to be killed.
Carlo had to be killed. Because treachery can't be forgiven. Michael could
have forgiven it, but people never forgive themselves and so they would always
be dangerous. Michael really liked Tessio. He loves his sister. But he would
be shrinking his duty to you and his children, to his whole family, to me and
my family, if he let Tessio and Carlo go free. They would have been a danger
to us all, all our lives."
		-- Tom Hagen, "Chapter 32", page 442

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