ANN: pyRMChart 0.0.1 is released

oyster lepto.python at
Wed Nov 28 07:19:47 CET 2007

1. What is it?
  pyRMChart is an interface to DLL-verison
RMChart(, which is a free, lightweight and elegant
chart creator

2. Dependency?
  Python + ctypes

3. How to install?
  a) you should install RMChart and make sure it works. On
win2k/me/98, maybe you have to get a copy of gdiplus.dll
  b) copy directory [pyrmchart] and all contents to a directory that
in your python's sys.path, eg, python\Lib\site-packages\
  c) put rmchart.dll and gdiplus.dll either a directory in your
environment PATH or just directory [pyrmchart]

4. How to use?
  Just read rmchart.chm and check the demos under pyrmchart\demo\,
most of them are the Python peer to the *.rmc file in RMChart.
  Please note, some of the demos needs csv/dat/rmc file from the full
RMChart, so you have to check the path in these demos

5. How to pass a parameter via reference?
  If it is a string, you just give it Pyhthon string.

  If it is a simple type and the function does not modify it,
currently there is only function RMC_AddDataAxis fits it, you just
need to pass number [0,4] (in other word, constant RMC_TEXTCENTER,

  If it is a cunstom type and the function does not modify it, for
example parameter T in RMC_CreateChartI, which is tRMC_CHART type,
please check "demo_exploding pie tru"

  If it is array of number, for example, nFirstDataValue in
RMC_AddBarSeries, you just make a variant list/tuple of number and
give its name to nFirstDataValue, please check "". As
for the following parameter nDataValuesCount which points out the
length of the array,
      if nDataValuesCount in [0, None], the length of nFirstDataValue
will be used
      if nDataValuesCount < len(nFirstDataValue), nDataValuesCount will be used
      if nDataValuesCount > len(nFirstDataValue), len(nFirstDataValue)
will be used
      since nDataValuesCount has a default as 0, you need not to pass it

  For other parameter via reference which will be changed in the
function, there are 3 ways to pass it. please check
RMC_GetChartSizeFromFile section in "demo_misc&"

6. Buggy
  There are bugs in [gui demo], but I believe it comes from my poor
GUI experience. If you can fix it or supply more complex example,
please let me know.
  If there are other bugs, please let me know too.

7. License
  Python license and mention license, or to say, this pacakge is free
even for commercial use, but you should make it clear in your manual
that you used pyrmchart( in your

8. Contact me
  My e-mail in Python
  print 'x\x9c\xcbI-(\xc9\xd7+\xa8,\xc9\xc8\xcfsH\xcfM\xcc\xcc\xd1K\xce\xcf\x05\x00ep\x08\xac'.decode('zip')

  Webspace for pyrmchart

9. Question
  Is there other free chart tool or python lib that can create nice
and modern chart?
  I mean chart, so matplotlib is not the answer.
  I said "nice and modern", so I don't think and fit.
  And I don't like JAVA and .NET

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