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> joe jacob a écrit :
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> > Thanks everyone for the response. From the posts I understand that
> > Django and pylons are the best. By searching the net earlier I got the
> > same information that Django is best among the frameworks so I
> > downloaded it and I found it very difficult to configure.
> ???
> It's been a couple of years since I last used Django, but I don't
> remember any specific complexity wrt/ configuration.

The only difficulties I have had have been with serving static media.
Specifically, in the differences in setup between the development
environment and production, and setting it up so that I don't have to
make any changes to the code in order to roll out upgrades to a

My employer (a large local newspaper) has been using Django for about
while now.  We get a decent amount of traffic and it has scaled very
nicely.  The only area where there were any problems was with our
MySQL server; abstracting your DB code with an ORM is not as efficient
as doing your own custom SQL, at least in terms of performance (in
terms of development time, it certainly outweighs the performance hit
in most cases).  However, we were running quite a few sites off of
that database at the time, and that had a lot to do with it as well.

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