achieving performance using C/C++

Filip Wasilewski filipwasilewski at
Mon Nov 5 12:51:32 CET 2007

On Nov 5, 7:40 am, sandipm <sandip.m... at> wrote:
> I did fair amount of programming in python but never used c/c++ as
> mentioned below.
> any good tutorials for using C/C++ to optimize python codebase for
> performance?
> how widely do they use such kind of mixed coding practices?

Since you are fluent in Python I also suggest you to start with
Pyrex[1]/Cython[2]. This will let you to express your ideas more
naturally (in a Python-based language) and interface with C code base
without delving much into reference counting, manual parameters
conversion and low-level exception handling.

You will find some tutorials and links to resources and mailing lists
on the projects websites, and if you specify your problem a bit more
then probably someone will be able to give you more precise

For alternatives take a look at [3] and [4]. Try also scanning the
Python Package Index[5] for 'binding', 'wrapper', 'lib' or 'pyrex'
keywords or browse for C/C++ Programming Language category as this
will return some examples of Python extensions.



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