which Python ? asks beginner

John Salerno johnjsal at NOSPAMgmail.com
Sun Nov 18 03:43:10 CET 2007

Dave WB3DWE wrote:
> Have given up Java. Want to switch to Python.  But _which_ ?
> There is ver : 
>      2.5  out now
>      2.6  in beta , final expected Apr 2008
>      3.0   ? in alpha or beta
>      3.0 final expected Sep 2008 ?
> Will the real python please stand up. 
>   Thanks,  Dave WB3DWE     pdlemper at earthlink.net

So in other words are you asking us should you use Python now (2.5) or 
wait months before you start using it (2.6+)? That doesn't make much sense.

How hard is it to just start using the latest version? It's not like you 
will have to learn a new language when 2.6 is released, or even 3.0.

If you had asked whether you should use 2.5 or *older* versions, that 
would have made more sense. Your question as it is confuses me.

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