PyObject_GetAttrString failing when getting a function pointer fr om PyObject* returned by Py_CompileString

Borse, Ganesh ganesh.borse at
Tue Nov 20 12:27:30 CET 2007


My following code is failing with an error of "isSizeSmall not function or callable"

char szExpr[2048];
sprintf(szExpr,"def isSizeSmall(size,vol,ADV,prod):\n  if ( (size < 1000) & (vol < (0.001 * ADV)) & (prod==\"Stock\")): return 100\n  else: return 11\n\n\n");

PyObject* pyco = Py_CompileString(szExpr,"<stdin>", Py_file_input);

// Get a pointer to this function
char funcname[56];
PyObject* func = PyObject_GetAttrString(pyco,funcname);
if(!func || !PyCallable_Check(func))
   printf("%s not function or callable\n");

In above case, Py_CompileString parses & compiles the code successfully.

Can we not use the "PyObject*" returned by Py_CompileString as input to PyObject_GetAttrString?
What could be wrong?

I want to use this function pointer returned by PyObject_GetAttrString as input to PyObject_CallObject.
Can I use the "PyObject*" returned by Py_CompileString directly as is in call to PyObject_CallObject?

Please help.

Thanks and Regards,

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