reading raw variables from file

Martin Blume mblume at
Fri Nov 30 12:12:33 CET 2007

"Astan Chee" schrieb
> I have a file that might contain literal python 
> variable statements at every line. For example 
> the file info.dat looks like this:
> users = ["Bob", "Jane"]
> status = {1:"ok",2:users[0]}
> the problem is I want to read this file and load 
> whatever variables written in it as normal python 
> variable statements so that when i read the file, 
> my users var will be ["Bob","Jane"] and my status 
> var will be {1:"ok",2:users[0]} . 
> Is there an easy way of doing this instead of 
> parsing the files and checking said types?

You might want to look at the eval, exec and execfile;
but bear in in mind Paddy's warning about security.


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