Excellent sci-fi novel featuring Python

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at o2.usun.pl
Sat Nov 17 20:44:37 CET 2007

Paul McGuire pisze:

>> I'm about halfway through Charles Stross' excellent new novel,
>> "Halting State". It's set in Edinburgh in the year 2018, and one of
>> the main characters is a game programmer whose primary language is
>> something called "Python 3000".
> I should hope that by 2018, Python 4000 would be more cutting-edge.
> Or is the protagonist struggling with backward-compatibility with a
> Python version that would be nearly 10 years old already?

Or, the author questions availability of P3k in 2008. It's not that hard
to believe, since Python 3000 was a mythical monster (not even like Perl
6) until recently. If the book was written around 2005 or even 2004...

Jarek Zgoda

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