A JEW hacker in California admits distributing malware that let him steal usernames and passwords for Paypal accounts.

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> On Mon, 12 Nov 2007 22:07:39 -0000, therm... at india.com wrote:
> >On Nov 12, 11:29 am, "radiosrfun" <radiosr... at radiosrfun.com> wrote:
> >> It was MUSLIMS who killed close to 3000 people of all races/religions.
> >Where is your proof ?????????????????????
>   Are you a goddamned idiot?  The one asswipe we caught ADMITTED IT, you
> stupid fuck!
>   Bin Retardin claimed it was he that did it.  Get a clue, dipshit.

Quite obviously, your vulgar diatribe is that of a loser in an
argument. If you watch the Osama video, its been shown CLEARLY by many
researchers that the video is fake and the BIOMETRICS of the person in
the video DO NOT MATCH the biometrics of Osama.

Second, who admitted it ? Under torture you will admit anything. It is
possible that a foolish patsy could have made a plan aided by his
handlers. But the fact is that the towers were brought down by
explosives and thermate cutter charges. The pools of molten metals and
the atoms of KMnO4 and Sulfur did not get there in such high
quantities from nowhere.

Someone had to get into those buildings to the support columns in
numerous places and plant those explosives and thermate cutter

Someone had to disable the NORAD command to allow the show of planes
hitting the towers to finish and same for the pentagon.

Someone had to get access to the military grade anthrax to mail it in
fake letters to Senator Patrick Leahy.

Your arguments are pathetically weak and the whole newsgroups are
watching your defeat including Mr Robin Fairbairns.

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