Some "pythonic" suggestions for Python

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Sat Nov 10 07:00:51 CET 2007

"Paul Boddie" <paul at> wrote in message 
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| I started tracking some of the complaints about Python and comparing
| them to Python 3000's supposed remedies. It's interesting reading:

For ' Inconsistent/unpredictable comparisons/ordering' you write 'no 
remedy'.  Actually, there will be a major change in 3.0, one that some have 
asked for even if it is not what Mertz in particular wants.  (I am not sure 
he will think after reading his article.)

I think you can regard 'No do statement' as rejected.  Some consider the 
non-proliferation of loop constructs a feature.  I believe this includes 

There are a number of shortcomings that are being fixed but are not 
listed -- at least one for every new feature.  So the list you present 
strikes me as a somewhat biased. 

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