Automatically organize module imports

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at
Mon Oct 15 21:12:59 CEST 2007

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 20:52:11 +0200, Thomas Wittek <mail at> wrote:
>Is there any possibility/tool to automatically organize the imports at
>the beginning of a module?
>I don't mean automatic imports like autoimp does as I like seeing where
>my objects/functions really come from.
>For the same reason I don't like "from foo import *".
>The downside is that you have a rather verbose import section at the
>beginning of your code.
>That's very bad if you reorganize your code and some imports are not
>needed anymore or new imports are needed.
>In Eclipse/Java there is a nice feature that automatically organizes
>your imports, meaning that it removes unneded imports and even adds
>missing imports automatically.
>Unfortunately, this PyDev doesn't have an equally powerful feature.
>As of the current version it only sorts the imports alphabetically, what
>isn't very useful.
>So, is there anything I can do about my imports?
>Is there a tool that can organize my import section?
>Shall I fall back to ambiguous imports like *?
>Shall I write out the module name for every class/function that I use
>(quite unhandy)?

Pyflakes will tell you which imports aren't being used (among other
things).  I don't know if an existing tool which will automatically
rewrite your source, though.


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