Which index can i use ?

Abandoned besturk at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 14:00:19 CET 2007

I want to do index in postgresql & python.
My table:
id(int) | id2(int) | w(int) | d(int)

My query:
select id, w where id=x and id2=y (sometimes and d=z)

I have too many insert and select operation on this table.
And which index type can i use ? Btree, Rtree, Gist or Hash ?
Also I want to unique (id, id2)..
Now this is my index. is it give me good performance ?
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ind1 ON test USING btree (id, id2)
CREATE INDEX ind2 ON test USING btree (id)
CREATE INDEX ind3 ON test USING btree (id2)
CREATE INDEX ind4 ON test USING btree (w)
CREATE INDEX ind5 ON test USING btree (d)

I'm too sorry my bad english.
King regards..

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