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>>>Only if you're being exceedingly pedantic and probably not even
>>>then. Webster 1913 lists, among other meanings,
>>>"Liberated, by arriving at a certain age, from the control
>>>of parents, guardian, or master."
>>>The point presumably being that having been "liberated", you are now
>> (...)
>>The English language has degenerated significantly in the last 30
>> (...)
>>Dictionaries used to be the arbiters of the language - any word or
>>meaning of a word not found in the dictionary was considered a
>>colloquial (slang) use.  Since the 1980's, an entry in the dictionary
>>has become little more than evidence of popularity as the major
>>dictionaries (OED, Webster, Cambridge, etc.) will now consider any
>>word they can find used in print.
>Apparantly, you missed the part where I referred to the 1913 edition
>of Webster. I have kept it in the quoted text above for your
>convenience. I can assure you that 1913 is both more than 30 years ago
>/and/ it is before 1980, in case that was in doubt.
>	Bent D

I didn't miss it.  Your post was just an opportunity to rant.

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