calling a function from string

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Mon Oct 22 12:46:03 CEST 2007

Trent Nelson napisał(a):
>> i have a function that I could like to call, but to make it more
>> dynamic I am constructing a string first that could equivalent to the
>> name of the function I wish to call. how could I do that? the string
>> could might include name of the module.
>> for example
>> a_string = 'datetime.' + 'today()'
>> how could I call a_string as function?
> Use 'eval' in one of the following fashions:
> a_string_1 = 'datetime.' + 'today'
> a_string_2 = 'datetime.' + 'today()'
> eval(a_string_1)()
> eval(a_string_2)

Do not use eval(). Not only it's deprecated, it's also unsafe.

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