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Fri Oct 19 17:26:30 CEST 2007

On Oct 17, 4:32 am, Heiko Schlierkamp <hschlierk... at sense-of-> wrote:
> I need to update the virus program every day with the new dat file from
> mcafee
> I would like to us a Bat file to go to the web page and download the dat
> file automatically to a specific Directory, that I have created, but my
> problem lays in that the bat file will open the file to be downloaded but
> the bat file does not confirm the save button so that it start to download
> the file, that I still need to do manual. Please advice me with what still
> need to be done!!
> Your help will be very appreciated!!!
> I have added the file so you can see what it does exactly!!
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>  <<Superdat.rar>>
>  Superdat.rar
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Besides all the other answers, why not just have McAfee do it? Hello?
McAfee is a mature product that should auto-download and auto-update
itself, if set up properly.


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