Python on imac

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Mon Oct 15 15:35:19 CEST 2007

On 14 Oct, 19:19, John Velman <vel... at> wrote:
> Thanks to all.  I'll look into wx before I get too much further.

- For prebuilt binaries of the Python framework and various third-
party packages, including wxPython, see:

(Note that some of the packages provided there may not be the very
latest versions, so you might want to check their respective sites as

- Also check out py2app for building standalone executables:

- If you're going to be writing Mac-only applications, you might want
to consider using PyObjC, which provides a two-way bridge between
Python and ObjC, giving you full access to OS X's Cocoa APIs:

- The PythonMac-SIG mailing list is the main forum for Python-on-Mac



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