Don't use __slots__ (was Re: Problem of Readability of Python)

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Mon Oct 15 17:40:34 CEST 2007

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>Aahz wrote:
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>>> You can use __slots__  [...]
>> Aaaugh!  Don't use __slots__!
>> Seriously, __slots__ are for wizards writing applications with huuuge
>> numbers of object instances (like, millions of instances).
>You clipped me saying that __slots__ are for performance tweaks:
>     You can use __slots__ to make objects consume less memory and have
>     slightly better attribute-access performance. Classes for objects
>     that need such performance tweaks should start like...
>I fully agree that __slots__ are for applications with huge numbers of 
>instances. But if you have that situation, you really do want to be 
>using __slots__.

Well, then, just make sure to put big honking warnings up whenever you
mention __slots__.  ;-)
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