RMI with Pyro et al

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Thu Oct 11 00:21:10 CEST 2007

Sells, Fred schrieb:
> I need a simple client/server architecture with clients on linux and servers on windows.  There is no UI in this part, just business rules and access control.
> Pyro seems pretty cool for this due to it's simplicity.  I'm just starting with it and have not been able to get the server side to "see" changes to a module.  The only way I can stop the server is with the Task Manager.  Can anyone offer some insight into
> 1. stopping/starting the server - perhaps as a windows service.
> 2. getting the server to recognize new modules "on the fly", i.e. when the .py file is changed.

That can be done, but isn't supported out-of-the-box. Essentially, you 
have to create a watch-thread that checks timestamps on python-files and 
then restarts some service if some change.

However, it might be difficult to make that play nicely with pyro - 
after all, it stores some state, reloading stuff makes that go away.

So - I wouldn't advice to really implement that. Why do you want that 
anyway? Does startuptime of a script really bother you? shouldn't take 
more than a few seconds.


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