Fwd: NUCULAR fielded text searchable indexing

Paul Rubin http
Thu Oct 11 09:30:11 CEST 2007

"Delaney, Timothy (Tim)" <tdelaney at avaya.com> writes:
> In the case of "nucular", it's a mispronunciation that has been widely
> ridiculed all over the world. There are people (including myself) who so
> associate it as an object of ridicule that it's an immediate turn-off.

It gave me a chuckle, since it's an obvious play on the mispronunciation.

As for the program itself, I've only had a chance to glance at the
site, but it looks a little more akin to Solr than to Lucene.  Solr is
a Java application that wraps Lucene to present a more convenient
interface, although it does this using XML over an HTTP socket.  One
thing about Solr and probably anything else like this: if you want to
handle a high query load with big result sets, you absolutely must
have enough ram to cache your entire index.  Since ram is expensive
and most of it will be sitting there doing nothing during the
execution of any query, it follows that you want multiple CPU's
sharing the ram.  So we're back to the perennial topic of parallelism
in Python...

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