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Lew lew at lewscanon.com
Sun Oct 21 17:52:03 CEST 2007

llothar wrote:
> Well programming in the small like sort algorithms for sure. But not
> for his great discoveries but for one of the first man who was paid
> for this by this university employee.

What a curious thesis.

> But in the field of software enginering as i said before he
> completely
> failed.

As you said, but for which you provided absolutely no evidence, and the 
counter evidence that Arne provided is that he has not "completely" failed for 
any useful value of "failed".  Statements of absolute only need one 
counterexample.  /The Art of Programming/ is arguably the most significant 
contribution to the field of software engineering.  By any reasonable 
assessment, on the basis of that one work alone Knuth was a success.

Your rhetorical tack of unfounded assertions and inflammatory 
characterizations, not to say complete disregard for the reality of the 
situation, do not make a cogent case, much less a convincing one.

I am afraid that your conclusion is quite mistaken.  Knuth is, if anything, a 
huge success in the field of software engineering, whether you rate it as 
making a contribution to the art, or as being paid to perform the art.


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