Problems in using wxPython in a multithreaded context

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Mon Oct 22 15:43:23 CEST 2007

On Oct 22, 4:53 am, mec2pa... at wrote:
> For my C application, I use many interpreters (withh the fonction
> Py_NewInterpreter()). For my needs, I create many GUI with wxPython
> and I have problems. Here is My C Code:
> {
>     PyEval_InitThreads();
>     Py_Initialize();
>     PyImport_ImportModule("myModule");//it creates a wxApp and a GUI
>     ......
>     Py_NewInterpreter();
>     PyImport_ImportModule("anotherModule");//it should create a new
> wxApp and a new GUI
> Unfortunately this code does not work. In fact, My C application which
> use many interpreters is seen by wxPython as a single application, and
> as wxPython is thread safe, it is not possible to create a second
> App.
> I have to use many interpreters to separate variables and to avoid
> links between modules.
> What could I do to create many GUI in different interpreters (each GUI
> have to be in a separate environment)???
> Thanks.

You should probably check out this thread:

And this might help as well:

And here's a wxPython specific article on threading:

You might consider posting to the wxPython mailing list too, as they
can probably help you more.


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