greatest and least of these...

Jason Drew jasondrew72 at
Tue Oct 23 18:49:43 CEST 2007

What do you mean when you say the menu doesn't kick in? Do you get an
exception, or does simply nothing happen?

Before the if statements, you should put "print choice" so you can see
what value is being returned by the input function. Also maybe "print
type(choice)" for a bit more inspection.

Speaking of which, you should probably be using something like
"int(raw_input())" instead of just "input()" - if you read the help on
the two functions you should see why.

Hope this helps.


On Oct 23, 11:56 am, Shawn Minisall <trekker... at> wrote:
> I just wrote a program to let the user input a series of whole numbers
> and tell them which is least and which is greatest based off of a menu.
> However, the menu isn't kicking in after they pick a number.  I included
> a while statement for a loop just for the menu and compared it to my
> other programs that have a similar setup and are working, but I'm
> stumped.   Here's the program...
> def main():
>     #define and initialize variables
>     #choice as int
>     choice = 0
>     #number as int
>     number = 0
>     #intro
>     print
>     #Menu loop
>     while choice != 2:
>         #display menu
>         print "Please choose from the following menu: "
>         print "1. Enter a number"
>         print "2. Exit"
>         print
>         #prompt user for their menu choice
>         choice = input("Enter your choice here: ")
>         #if statements to determine which choice
>         if choice == 1:
>             nums = []
>             while number >=0:
>                 nums.append(number)
>                 number = input("Please enter a number.")
>         elif choice == 2:
>             print "Have a great day!"
>             if len(nums) > 0:
>                 print "The smallest number that you entered was:",min(nums)
>                 print "The largest number that you entered was:",max(nums)
>         else:
>             #invalid
>             print "Invalid selection.  Enter either one or two."
>             print
> Also, if they quit the program with choice #2 and entered numbers, it
> should display the greatest and least of them.  If they just started and
> didn't enter anything and want to quit, I get an error message saying
> UnboundLocalError: local variable 'nums' referenced before assignment.
> Isn't the if statement supposed to keep python from going there since if
> they didn't enter any input, the length of the list should just be zero.

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